S50SalesData: Sage50 Link for ACT!

S50SalesData Product Documentation - Sage 50 Link for Act!


Core Functionality Diagram

S50SalesData User Guide


Version Release Notes

Version 10.1

- Added support for Sage 50 v2019.2 (3/25/19) and updated code signing cert


Version 10.0

- Added support for ACT v21


Version 9.0

- Added support for ACT v20

- Added support for Sage 50 v2019 (7/20/18)


Version 8.03

- Added support for ACT v19 SP2


Version 8.0

- Added support for ACT v19


Version 7.06

- Added support for Sage 50 v2017

- Added FAST LINK button to Contact Link Wizard. Bypasses building of grid/list to speed up linking

- Added FAST CREATE button to Create from S50 screen. Bypasses building of grid/list to speed up record creation


Version 7.02

- Added new development certificate

- Updated code for Sage 50 2016 patch release, it broke S50SalesData (April 2016)


Version 7.0

- Added support/compatibility for ACT v18


Version 6.05

- Updated SSL Code sign certificates


Version 6.02

- Fixes issue with internal id not propogating to company record with auto link enabled

- Fixes issue with Transactions tab ghosting transactions when transitioning to unlinked company records


Version 6.01

- Fixes sync crash when parsing damaged transactions in Sage 50

- Fixes issue with CustomerID not updating in syncs, only worked with Refresh from S50 button


Version 6.0

- Added support/compatibility for ACT v17


Version 5.1.6

- Fixed issue with payments not being imported during manual transaction sync and nightly transaction sync.


Version 5.1.5 (Nightly Transaction Sync)

- Fixed issue with configuring email notification in Nightly Transaction Sync Config pgm


Version 5.1.4

- Fixed issue with S50 Create Customer button when Company field was blank in Act!