S50SalesData: Sage50 Link for ACT!

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Q: How do I move a S50SalesData license/install to a new/different machine?

A: Click Here for procedures to move your S50SalesData license off of one machine and on to another machine.


Q: Can I link one Act! database to multiple Sage50 Databases?

A: The current version of QSalesData does not let you link multiple Sage50 databases to a single Act! database. We store the Sage 50 ID numbers in the Act! database, and there is a good chance that those ID numbers would overlap between Sage 50 databases, and cause all kinds of issues. Your only option is to have a separate Act! database for each Sage50 database.



Q: I deleted an invoice from Sage50, but it doesn't seem to be getting deleted from the S50 Transactions tab for that customer in Act!.

A: If you delete transactions in Sage50, they do not automatically get deleted in the S50 Transactions tab in Act!. To resolve the issue, pull up that contact record in Act! and go to Tools > S50SalesData Import and click on the CLEAR DATA button. Choose the option to clear data for the Current Record. After that is complete, click on the REFRESH DATA FROM S50 button and the Sage50 transactions for the customer will be re-imported and everything in the S50 Transactions tab should be correct.


Q: I am getting an "Object Reference Error" after I close out of the Act! Layout Editor. It started happening after I installed the S50SalesData product.

A: This is a known issue that we are currently working on. You can simply hit OK when you get the errror message. It is an erroneous error that occurs when Act! tries to re-display the S50 Transactions and S50 Items tab. Nothing to worry about, just need to hit OK a couple of times after exiting the Act! Layout Editor.