S50SalesData: Sage50 Link for ACT!

S50SalesData - Sage 50 Link or Act! License Pricing Information


The S50Salesdata product is licensed by the number of workstations that will run the S50SalesData product. Each physical machine requires a S50SalesData license.


NOTE: If you plan on running our Nightly Transaction Sync program (automatically imports Sage50 data each night) on your server, you will need to purchase a license of S50SalesData for your server as well.


$159 per license

(need a license for each physical workstation)


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Not sure how many users need S50SalesData functionality? Click Here to view our S50SalesData Licensing Decision Worksheet to help you decide.


Annual Maintenance: Your first year of software maintenance is included in your license price. This gives you S50SalesData updates throughout your first year as new versions of Act! and Sage50 are released. After the first year, you will contacted annually to renew your maintenance ($30 per license) Maintenance renewal is recommended, but not mandatory. If you let your maintenance expire, your S50SalesData program will still work as is, but you will not be able to apply any updates, or receive any phone or email support. Expired users will need to pay $99 per S50SalesData license to upgrade and reinstate their maintenance/support at a later time.