S50SalesData: Sage50 Link for ACT!

Reseller / Hosting Provider Information


If you are an ACT! Certified Consultant, Intuit Consultant, or IT Provider, and are interested in reselling our product to your customer base, give us a call or an email.

Registered Resellers are able to purchase S50SalesData licenses online using your specific reseller coupon code. This will let you purchase at your reseller discount. If you misplaced your reseller coupon code just give us a call, or send us an email.


Hosting Provider Resources


Click Here to Download version our Field Builder/Set Mapping utility for ACT! 2013 and Higher


This utility is for ACT Hosting providers that don't want to load the S50SalesData application on their servers. This utility will allow you to build fields and set mapping in your S50SalesData customer databases without having to load the full S50SalesData application on your server. Save this exe file to a location on your server that hosts your ACT databases. Double-click on the exe file to run the utility. It will let you specify which ACT database you would like to update. You will also need to run the SET DB option from a local machine at the client site to get the S50 Database Alias, and then manually type in that database name on the utility. Once the database is specified, you can run our BUILD FIELDS utility and then the SET MAPPING utility on that specific database for your S50SalesData customers. When using the Set Mapping feature, you can click on the RESET TO DEFAULTS button as a starting point, and then talk to your customer to see if they need any special mappings set for their ACT db.